Beauford Delaney, Self Portrait, 1944, oil on canvas, 27 x 22 1/2 in., Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Purchased with funds provided by Alexander C. and Tillie S. Speyer Foundation, Samuel A Marx Endowment, 1991.27. Painting shown with x-ray taken by the Conservation Lab at the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2021.

A wide range of consulting and custom services are offered to help my clients enhance the quality, value, coherence, care, and significance of their fine art choices—as well as the enjoyment and benefits derived from them.

All services are tailored to address each client’s unique needs and goals. Every effort is made to avoid conflicts of interests, and all business matters handled for my clients are confidential.

Advisory Services are available to provide the guidance and research my clients need to make informed decisions about a wide range of fine art and strategic planning matters.

Collection Services are offered to help my clients optimize the management and care of their fine art holdings. Curatorial expertise is also available to help them choose wisely and strengthen their holdings—along with assessing the potential value that might be derived from acquisitions and sales.

Engagement Services are provided to help my clients identify ways to support enrichment, planning, and philanthropic initiatives focused on learning and social impact. Outreach and educational activities can also be arranged and conducted for each client’s personal enrichment.

Core services offered: 

  • Sourcing artworks, researches and locates artworks for acquisition
  • Acquisition and selling guidance, for private transactions
  • Appraisals, for fair market, replacement, insurance, and liquidation values
  • Due diligence research, to avoid costly mistakes
  • Art market research and analysis, to support informed acquisition and disposal decisions
  • Collection management, for installations, shipping, framing, lighting, physical condition evaluation, insurance, and other matters
  • Curatorial expertise, to acquire, sale, commission, document, research, and present artworks
  • Art philanthropy and outreach guidance, for donations, programs, exhibits, and educational activities
  • Risk assessment guidance, to prevent loss and damage
  • Strategic planning, for collection, engagement, and organizational planning

To request additional information about services and fees, call 1.912.225.0445.

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