From the growth of online art sales to the proliferation of private collections, museums, and public art commissions, art collecting is on the rise around the globe. With the increase in acquisitions, the need for experts who can source works, manage collections, and engage buyers with different interests and needs has also risen.

Simmons Art Advisory Services (SAAS) is a full-service fine art solutions practice. I provide evidence-based guidance and other services to individuals and organizations that collect fine artworks of the highest quality.

I help my clients navigate the art world and make informed decisions. I do this by offering a wide range of advisory, collection, and engagement services that address nearly all aspects of acquiring, managing, and harnessing the benefits that can be gained from fine artworks. 

My aim is to deliver an advisory experience that helps my clients tell their unique story through fine art, while also minimizing risk and maximizing value. Let’s make your fine art choices more than an afterthought. Put SAAS to work for you.

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